About Engraving Machine
  • What materials can be engraved?
    Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, plastic (opaque), cloth, leather, and other materials that can be burned by laser.
  • Can I engrave metal or stainless steel?
    You can mark the metal after plating or spraying (acting on the coating or oxide layer), stainless steel (the effect is better after the stainless steel is painted black. Note: It is not engraving, but discoloration).
  • Can it be used to carve stone or glass?
    Stone and glass do no turn gaseous EASILY,but if the power and speed are just right, excellent results can be achieved. With that being said, conduct experiments on samples are recommended.
  • Why does the power of the laser head drop?
    Contaminated protective lens Solution: Clean the lens and nozzle on the laser module with an alcohol-free dust cloth.
    Damaged protective lens Solution: Replace the lens. The maintenance package provides one lens. If you need more, you can contact our after-sales services to buy.
    Contaminated nozzle Solution: Clean the nozzle. It is recommended that you use an air pump.
    Clogged nozzle Solution: If you use a machine without an air pump, it is recommended that you put an sticker on the air inlet of the nozzle, otherwise dust will adhere to the lens, which is easier to accumulate around the laser beam outlet, causing power attenuation, which in turn affects the processing performance.
     Pay attention to regular cleaning of lenses: clean them at least once an hour in extremely harsh use environments.
  • How long does assembly take?
    If you have assembled an engraving machine before, you need about 15 minutes to complete the assembly. If you are a novice, you need about 25 minutes to complete the assembly.
    However, we have launched a new all-in-one engraving machine, which requires no assembly and can be used after opening the package, which is convenient and more suitable for beginners.
  • Which engraving software is supported?
    LaserGrbl (Free)(Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11)
    LightBurn (Paid-30 Day Free Trial)(Mac OS, Linux, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11)
    App suitable for assembly machines, search Burnlab in the app store or google play on the mobile terminal, click to download and install

  • Can the laser module be replaced?
    Yes, but the Laser Module input voltage needs to support 12V or 24V (for M100 laser module).
  • Can cylinders be engraved?
    A rotary drum needs to be purchased as an accessory to engrave cylindrical surfaces.
Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 9am-6:30pm.
About Order
  • Can you cancel or modify my order?
    You can cancel your order before it’s shipped (normally 1 business day). Our system is not able to add or remove inventory onto a existing order, so you need to place a new order if you have more product to purchase, or to return item(s) to us after you receive the order.
  • Where can I find my order confirmation email?
    Our system will send you a confirmation email automatically when your order is placed and shipped. In case you don’t see the email in your inbox, please try to look for it in your spam/junk folder. If you still could not find it, feel free to contact us for assist.
  • How to track my order?
    Once your order is shipped, a notification email will be sent to you with a tracking number and a link to track the latest route information.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    Please check our shipping policy page for order processing and shipping time.
About Returns & Warrenty
  • Can I Exchange a product?
    You can ask for an exchange on certain conditions, please check the details on our Return and Exchange page.
  • Do I need a receipt to return?
    A receipt can help us process your return request more efficiently, however if you don’t have the receipt anymore, a note including the order number and your name, email address with the order will do.
  • Is there a time limit for returns of exchanges?
    Yes, you can request a return or exchange within 30 days after receiving the order, and the time will be calculated based on the delivery date provided by the courier.
  • How long does warranty last?
    All products have one year warranty. Please check our warranty policy here.