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Swiitol F30 air assist system 10-30L/min/low noise

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Equipped with 10-30L/min adjustable airflow, can effectively remove the smoke and dust generated in the process of laser cutting/engraving, prevent the smoke and dust from causing laser energy attenuation, ensure the stability of laser energy, and make your engraving / engraving Cut pieces for best results.
Swiitol air-assisted accessories, powerful airflow can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the cutting/engraving object, prevent excessive burning, and make the cutting edge cleaner and smoother.
Only 60dB noise is generated during the working process, which is similar to the volume of household electric fans when working, giving you a quiet laser engraving and cutting environment.
Easy to install and use, no need to buy additional accessories, just two steps to install and use.

Suitable for various mature laser engraving machines. And compatible with Swiitol Laser Engravers C18 PRO/C24 PRO/E6 PRO/E18 PRO/E24 PRO.
Parameter: 10-30L/Min (Adjustable airflow speed)
Noise decibel: 60dB
Package weight: 1KG/2.2lbs

Packing List:
Fixing Screw * 4
Fixed Cable Tie * 4
Hexagon Wrench * 1
Air Pump For Laser Work * 1
2 Meters Of Air Pipe * 1
Dedicated Replacement Filter Acrylic Set * 1
Modified Wind Hood * 2