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Swiitol F2 Laser Cut Honeycomb Workbench - 400x400mm Working Area

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▶ Oversized protection size: the maximum support for cutting protection is 445x445mm, and the honeycomb size is 400x400mm, which is perfectly suitable for Swiitol frame machines.
▶ Applicable Equipment: All-metal structure, high-precision CNC machining, high flatness, firm structure, not easy to deform, not easy to offset. Perfect for CO2 laser engraving machine, diode laser engraving machine, fiber laser engraving machine.
▶ Double protection of desktop: Scientific and reasonable honeycomb height and size to prevent laser burning of the workbench or desktop. At the same time, it is equipped with an anti-cutting metal protection pad to protect the desktop from laser damage.
▶ Quick Measurement: The X-axis and Y-axis have high-definition and accurate scale lines, forming a ruler, which is convenient for you to quickly measure the size of the engraved object.
▶ Quick Heat Dissipation & Protect Laser Head: With scientific honeycomb size design so that the engraving can be rapidly dissipated during the engraving process, and prevent the cutting edge from burning due to excessive temperature.
▶ Protect the laser module: Using our honeycomb board can prevent the laser reflection from damaging the laser head during the cutting process and prolong the service life of the laser.

Model: F2
Material: High Strength Steel
Product Size: 445x445x22mm
Honeycomb Mesh Diameter: 10mm
Honeycomb Mesh Size (Engraving Size): 400x400x22mm
Product Net Weight: 1.7KG
Cutting Backing Plate: SUS304, 400*400*0.5mm
Fixture Size: 140x15x3mm
Packing Weight: 3450g/7.6lb
Packing Size: 477x437x50mm/18.7x17.2x2in

Packing List:
1 x Honeycomb board
4 x Bolt
4 x Nut
4 x Magnetic nail
4 x Honeycomb board fixture
4 x Heightening rubber pad
1 x Cutting pad
1 x Manual